Jenifer Ruff’s exquisitive writing style


Nobody is perfect, they say. Well, Brook is determined to achieve perfection whatever it takes. Whatever, literally. As Jenifer Ruff did whatever she has to do in order to create a great psychological thriller with a dark finale as chilling as the blizzard that strikes New Hampshire at the end of the book.

Jenifer Ruff’s writing style is exquisite. I didn’t know she’s a debut author until I checked her Amazon page. Everett is her first novel but it’s like been written by an experienced author. All characters are well drawn, with their advantages and disadvantages, which we get to learn gradually. Each scene in the book is well described, that well I felt like I was in the middle of that blizzard trying to find my way through the snow and the wind.

I enjoyed very much reading this book and now I have to wait for the next one to discover what happens next and if justice will be served.

If you like reading psychological thrillers, practicing yoga and eating healthy, this book is highly recommended to you!

My rate: 4,5*

Everett on Amazon

Everett on Goodreads



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