Join me on my first ever online takeover!

Haven’t you joined yet the Release Day Party for “The Syrian Virgin” by Zack Love?

Talented author Zack Love has just published his new book ‘The Syrian Virgin’ and since Monday he has been throwing a glamorous online party!

You’ll make me super happy if you check out the blurb for “The Syrian Virgin”, add it to your TBR on Goodreads  ( and in a comment below, tell me what books or movies this story reminds you of.

This event started on Monday and we’re all having so much fun thanks to all those amazing authors from all over the world who participate with giveaways, quizzes, funny stories and weird pictures.

If you haven’t joined the party yet, make sure you do so on Friday 14 November at 13:00 (EST) and join me on my takeover!!! And enter the Rafflocopter giveaway posted on the event’s page for your chance to win some of many amazing prizes. And who knows, maybe you win the pack of 4 royalty free fine art photography jpg files I’m offering on our Yia Su etsy shop!

So, will you come to our party?


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