A Knight’s Deceit, The Order of the Black Rose book #5


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When her alternate life gives her lemons, Floriana steals the “Donut” and jumps back in time.
She travels back to 1565 to save Eric’s life and finds out that Malta has fallen and the “dancing plague” has killed half of the island’s population. Her mission isn’t only to rescue her partner but to also find the antidote to the plague and fix history. Her only ally in her mission is a Janissary who thinks that modern technology is magic and Floriana is a witch. And Eric is nowhere to be found.
How worse can things go? BUY NOW to find out!
OUTLANDER meets TIMELESS in this thrilling time travel thriller by USA Today best-selling author Penny BroJacquie
Warning: It ends with a cliffhanger.

** The Order of the Black Rose is a serial, a new episode every twenty days.


#1 The Undead Must Die
#2 A Knight’s Oath
#3 The Withered Rose
#4 The Knight’s Portal
#5 A Knight’s Deceit
#6 The White Knights
#7 The Knight’s Rose (early January 2019)
#8 title TBA (early February 2019)

*** The first three books in The Order of the Black Rose series can be read standalone. The rest of them end with a cliffhanger.



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