The Knight’s Portal: $0.99 limited time pre-order offer

The world as we know is no more. And she is the only one who knows. Now she must jump back to Middle Ages and fix history. But fixing history always comes with a price.

OUTLANDER meets TIMELESS in this thrilling time travel thriller by USA Today best-selling author Penny BroJacquie

Southern Europe is still under the Ottoman rule. United States of America doesn’t even exist. And Floriana is the only person who realizes that the course of history has been altered.

She’s at her home on Cava island, however she had never been there before. People she used to call family, now they are only colleagues to her. Furthermore, the whole world is not as she knew it. She tries to warn the Order of the Black Rose, but no one listens. Until, the ancient Baculus flashes again and a Maltese Knight shows up, right there in 21rst century Northern Scotland.

1565 A.D. It’s the Great Siege of Malta and 21rst century Eric is fighting along with the Knights Hospitaller against the mighty Ottoman Empire. As the Keeper of the Sacred Baculus of the Order of the Black Rose, Eric truckled to its orders; to protect history from being altered and preserve the Order of the Black Rose against its enemies.

However, things in 1565 don’t go well. Eric is fatally wounded, and the Knights are withdrawing from Malta.

Five centuries later, Floriana realizes she must travel back to 1565 to fix history and save Western civilization. And the man she loves. Or she thinks she loves. Because when you change history nothing remains exactly as you knew it.

How bad can things go?


~ THE KNIGHT’S PORTAL is book #4 in The Order of the Black Rose NA science fantasy series.

Book #1: The Undead Must Die
Book #2: A Knight’s Oath
Book #3: The Withered Rose
Book #4: The Knight’s Portal

*** All books in The Order of the Black Rose series can be read standalone.



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